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Custom Product Development and High Quality Recipes

With our innovative approach to product development, we craft delicious sauces and fillings designed to elevate your dishes and leave a lasting impression on your palate. We offer a range of mayo-based fillings, which can be a cost-effective choice for snack and meal preparation. Our filling options encompass various premium meat, fish, chicken, and vegetarian alternatives.

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Private Label manufacturing

We offer private label manufacturing services. With our expertise in sauce and filling production, we can help you create high-quality, custom-branded products that meet your unique specifications.

For retailers, food distributors, or restaurant chains aiming to strengthen their brand identity, our team stands prepared to guide you through the entire private label process. We cover everything from recipe development to packaging design, ensuring your private-label products mirror your brand’s values while delivering exceptional taste. Partner with us to elevate your brand using our premium dips, sauces, and fillings.

Bulk Packaging Solutions for Your Food Service Needs

Our bulk packaging solutions have been designed to meet the requirements of large-scale kitchens and the food industry. In addition to our consumer-sized packaging options, we offer larger packages ranging from 2.5 kg to 10 kg. We can also package our products in bottles (0.5 L to 1.0 L), dip containers (35 ml to 50 ml), and industrial-sized IBC containers. These bottles are versatile and suitable for salad bars or table condiments, while our dips can complement a variety of dishes.